Excerpts From Ending Female Pain, A Woman's Manual

Here is some information from the book itself to give you a sense of the type of information you will find in the book.This is really just a scratching of the surface, other topics include, internal and external vaginal release series, vulvar care including vaginal steams, visualizations and afirmations, kegel downtraining and uptraining, as well as the foam roller, yoga series, and scar mobilization samples listed below. Never before has such a complete set of tools been released in one book - a complete set of tried and true techniques that make up the Renew Program For Women.

Medical Disclaimer


The information in this book is not meant as a substitute for healthcare. Consult your healthcare provider for a complete check-up because pelvic pain can be the result of a serious medical condition or medical pathology.

Most patients need a multi-layered approach to overcome their chronic pelvic pain. Make sure to see doctors and specialists in the field of female sexual pain and pelvic floor muscle dysfunction, and then talk to your doctor about getting a referral to a physical therapist that specializes in pelvic floor muscle dysfunction. It is also extremely important to educate yourself about your pelvic pain condition. Do not be afraid to ask questions of your caregivers, or to get a second opinion about your condition.

Basic Abdominal Scar Massage


Getting Started:

Just like other muscles in the body, scars can benefit immensely from being stretched. There are three main types of stretching I recommend to my patients that provide the most relief, but do not attempt to do any scar stretching unless you get clearance from your doctor or caregiver.

Longitudinal Scar Stretch What to Do:

1. Hold down the left side of the scar and with your left hand, stretch the scar by pulling it to the right with your right hand until you feel resistance.

2. Hold the stretch for 30 to 60 seconds.

3. Repeat 2 to 5 times, then switch sides.

Foam Roller Inner Thigh/Groin


This is a great excerpt from the foam roller chapter in the book. Trigger points in the inner thighs, if left untreated, an contribute to urgency of urination, pubic bone pain and mal-alignment issues, and vulvar pain. This sample is one of a dozen techniques in the foam roller series for myofascial release.

What To Do:

1. Balance on your elbows and place the foam roller on the right inner thigh by flexing the right hip to the side and bending the knee. You may have to move your hands for better rolling. Your elbows should both be on one side of the roller.

2. Slowly roll from the top of the groin to the knee.

3. Break up the rolling into the upper groin, the middle inner thigh and the lower thigh area for better emphasis. Avoid rolling over the knee joint.

4. Roll 1 to 2 minutes over your inner thighs. Focus on the painful spots and concentrate the rolling and rocking on the areas where you find pain and restrictions.

5. Switch legs and repeat on the other side.

Ankle to Knee


This exerpt is from the Herrera Yoga Series For Pelvic Pain. It is important to keep the muscles surrounding the hips and pelvic floor supple and flexible. These muscles frequently develop spasms as a response to what's happening inthe pelvic floor muscles. This excerpt is theankle to knee pose and is part of my 15 pose yoga series.

What To Do:

1. Sit tall on your sit bones and place your right ankle slightly off your left knee and place your left ankle under your right knee as in photo.

2. If you cannot get your legs to create two right angles, don't worry; slide your lower leg towards your buttocks.

3. Keeping your back straight, try to walk your fingertips forward.

4. To advance the pose, reach up and over with your right hand.

5. Repeat, crossing your legs the other way.

6. You may feel an intense stretch in the gluteal muscles of your top leg. Listen to your body, modify first and then consider getting out of the pose if the pain is too much.

7. To take it a step further, send your in-breath to the place in your hips that you feel the most tension and with your out-breath release the tension out of the hips.

8. For fantastic pain relief, massage the gluteal muscles of your top leg with your hands while in this pose.